Mancheros: Gunshots & Priorities

Spoiler alert—my dog got shot and we didn’t cook Mancheros.

Learning the skills of abiding and spontaneity are major goals/resolutions for 2015, however I didn’t expect such a rude awakening to their hardships with 2015 so newborn.

We had an emergency Mancheros on Sunday to decompress and digest the prior day’s events where my dog started barking frantically when I let him outside (at the crack of dawn). He caught some teenagers breaking into cars on my street and one of them shot him through the chest. Miraculously he is alive and doing well, but I’m still processing.

2014-05-20 23.27.48

As an über¹ Type-A, planned spontaneity is the closest I let the unknown and unplanned into my orchestrated life, however I’m implementing my goal-orientation to incorporate this into my calendar more often. Calling the police, visiting the vet, ruining my morning (nay my month), all shook my core emotionally and from a planning perspective. Yet, the silver lining is my dog is alive and well, I had coffee and biscuits with each of my neighbors that morning. Front doors morphed into faces.

Our recipe was simple:

1 Part Octane Coffee

-1 Part Listening

-1 Part Puppy Appreciation

¹ umlauts are fun. They make me giggle, which is über un-German. See what I did there.


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