About Huevos

One (almost) never discovers a Vikings fan in the Deep South.
One never watches football without food.
One (almost) always enjoys a bourbon in the evening.
One always has eggs in the fridge.

That simple recipe birthed Mancheros.

The recipe always changes, but the intent has remained the same. Life is complicated and stressful and gets exponentially worse if one doesn’t stop and reflect. Mancheros centers on improving your mixology skills, culinary prowess, and yourself through exploration and iteration.

We’ve been through a lot–marriages, break-ups, Vikings’ losses, failed business notions, burglaries, and gun shots, yet we’ve only had one recipe that didn’t turn out well (don’t ask…).

We cook, mix, work and play in Atlanta, Ga and try our best to see the rest of the world as much as possible.

About us

Patrick hails from Jackson, Mississippi, where he learned the culinary importance of butter. Post school he moved northward to Atlanta, GA, where he learned all about beer, cocktails, and caramelized onions. His fear of wasting food helps expand the possibilities of Mancheros. Outside of Mancheros he enjoys building things, telling stories, and warm weather.

Justin made his way south to Atlanta from Minneapolis, Minn. with plans to move back at his earliest opportunity. Then he got a promotion, met Mrs. R., bought a house, and found himself somewhat rooted in the Peach State. He engages in several worthy pursuits, including music, photography, cooking, mixology and DIY projects around the house.


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